10 Best Oregon Hiking Sites for Day Hikers

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10 Best Oregon Hiking Sites for Day Hikers

Oregon offers many sites for both the veteran hikers and the day hikers. It is also a great haven for family hiking where you can bring your children and younger members of the family without having to worry about the dangers that might await you in other more rugged terrains.

There is so much with Oregon hiking that it is fairly difficult to begin mentioning a great spot. So we have narrowed down your search into the best day hiking spots in Oregon. Here are brief descriptions of what you might see in each site:

Arch Cape- It is a good introduction to old-growth forests with its display of cedar and fir layers. Recently, the Arch Cape tunnel was closed which gave the school children attending a school in Cape Falcon no choice but to walk the trail. This gives us the basic idea that the trail of Arch Cape is a moderate one which presents even little children a fair walk.

Bagby Hot Springs- Hot tubs out of slabs of logs are welcome treats even for veteran hikers especially during midwinter. It is also great during early spring and late fall. There are several hot and cold springs that adults and children will both like. Clothing depends on the choice of the visitors and people not accustomed to public nudity are advised to choose other spots.

Benson Lake- Apart from the steady climb which is marked by wildflowers and huckleberries, Benson lake also offers a great toe-dipping spot through informal trails that could be glimpsed from the left of the trail.

Big Obsidian Flow- If you are intrigued by the latest lava flow of the Oregon, Big Obsidian Flow is the best trail for you. It is situated in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument that highlights the flow of the area’s volcanic history. Several interpretative signs explain how Native Americans explored the area and gathered obsidian for tools and jewelry.

Cannon Beach- This hiking trail begins from the Cannon Beach town and continually heads southward to the sandy beach and the Haystack Rock which is a designated seabird nesting spot.

Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area- If you want another excellent look at the Haystack Rock, you can try the trail that takes you towards Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area in Pacific City. Aside from the lookout to Haystack, you can also enjoy tide pools, the Nestucca Bay and the surf.

Cape Lookout State Park- This trail is situated in the midst of Sitka spruces, which are hailed to be the tallest conifers found in North America. If you hike in Cape Lookout during December up to April, you might witness gray whales during their semiannual migrations.

Cape Perpetua Trails- There are about ten trails in Cape Perpetua, choose among them and enjoy an array of rocky tide pools, coastal forests, geysers, and other ocean spectacles.

Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area- This site is famous for its wonderful sea caves, off shore rocks and whipping waves.

Drift Creek Falls- A descent of 340 feet, the hiking trail showcases a fun trail towards the cascade of the falls. Along the hike, you can enjoy magnificent assortments of coastal forest species and stunning suspension bridge that leads downward the Drift Creek Falls.

A day hike is not necessarily a strenuous hike towards a mountain summit, it merely means hiking for moderate hikers and beginners. In here, we have given you several spots where you can introduce day hiking to younger members of your family and to those who are too old for arduous trails.