GSI Glacier Stainless Vacuum Bottle Review

If you are anything like me, coffee is a staple in your outdoor lifestyle. Even if you don’t share the same love for coffee, or you are taking a break from the caffeinated life, you may find another use for storing hot and cold beverages when traveling or adventuring.  The GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Vacuum Bottle is a game-changer in lifestyle products.



This vacuum bottle emerged onto the market within the past year, making a splash with its ability to match or exceed the performance of any similar, thermos-style bottle.  When designing the Glacier Stainless Vacuum Bottle, GSI Outdoors set out to make the best thermos possible–to set a new standard in the industry. With such a lofty goal, I was determined to run it through a series of field tests that would truly test its reliability and performance. Here is what I found over the course of several months.



The vacuum bottle is one of the outdoor products that I have worked with in the past year that is obviously designed with a thoughtful, intuitive approach.  The thermos adds several key features that many other bottles are lacking.  One of my favorite aspects of the GSI vacuum bottle is the textured cup and cap that boasts a bombproof design.

Other products that I have used have either been hard to clean or eventually ended up broken.  Not this one!

The other unique feature is a non-slip rubber boot which is integrated into the bottle (not just a piece of rubber that is slapped onto the bottom). The bottle also has a wonderful pour-through cap that is easy to use on the go.  Some models, like the one pictured here, have a painted exterior that is comfortable to the touch. Last but not least, the bottle is uniform and sleek in shape, meaning that the cap is not drastically different in size to the rest of the bottle.



As an avid user of this type of product, I was a bit shocked!

The GSI Glacier Vacuum Bottle outperformed any other one that I have used.  The bottle kept drinks hot for over 12 hours in sub-freezing conditions.  The bottle also kept drinks pretty warm overnight in a vehicle near zero degrees fahrenheit. Another unintentional test allowed me to see that the maximum time could near a total of 24 hours of keeping drinks warm and pleasant.  I had similar findings with cold beverages, although hot coffee was my most common application of this bottle.


What’s Not to Like?

When examining the weak points of this product, I can only find a few small things to provide feedback on.One is that, even after months of use, I find myself not pouring with the correct amount open on the pour-through cap and having small spills on occasion.  If anything, it is a minor inconvenience.  I have recently noted some small chips in the paint on the exterior, but none that would warrant the bottle being poorly designed.  A third thing to be aware of when purchasing any thermos-style product is that you may have difficulty cleaning the inside of the bottle.  Fortunately, with a good bottle brush, you should be able to reach in and scrub any residue away from previous uses of your vacuum bottle.



I am a big fan of this vacuum bottle! The uniform, sleek design and unparalleled performance make the GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Vacuum Bottle a perfect pick as a durable lifestyle product. Whether you are traveling, adventuring, or living everyday life, this vacuum bottle provides an ideal way to store hot and cold beverages for later!

GSI Outdoors also has a 1/2 liter version available for purchase if a full liter is a little much for your needs.

MSRP: $34.95

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