How much experience is needed for a 5 day backpacking trip in Yellowstone?

My friends and I are planning a 5 day hiking/camping trip in Yellowstone. How much experience do you think we need to have the largest probability of not being miserable or dying.

None of us have back country camped. We have purchased most of the gear already and are working on getting the rest soon. We have never used our gear though.

We have never done anything at an altitude that high. Two of us have hiked a trail up to ~1200 feet in Red River Gorge, but it was a mile down and an mile back. The mountain we want to summit is ~10,000 feet and the majority of the hiking will be also in the several thousand feet range.

We are not currently in great shape. We are collectively average. But we are aiming for July or so, so we have several months to increase our conditioning.

How many hiking/camping trips would you recommend we go on before taking on this task? Is it reasonable to go from 0 experience to enough experience in ~4 months or would you recommend pushing it back a year?

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Last Posting: Sunday, September 25, 2022